RxLab Experimental Tools

Welcome to the Rainbox Experimental tools add-on for Blender documentation.


This add-on contains some different tools being developped at Rainbox Laboratory, which will ultimately be included in Duik for Blender.

Duik for Blender will be a rigging and animation add-on, focused in 2D and cut-out rigging, but also adding nice 3D rigging tools. It is called Duik like the rigging and animation tool set for After Effects also developped by Rainbox Lab. and it is going to share the same rigging process.

All these tools are still experimental as we’re very early in the development process, but we’ve deciced to make the add-on available anyway so you can already test and use some of these tools, as the development will probably be a long process.



Duik is originally a comprehensive animation and rigging toolset for Adobe After Effects.
It all began as a joke… When will Duik be available for Blender?

Duik for Blender aims to reproduce the rigging process developped in After Effects but in blender, with predefined Armatures and bones for limbs or complete characters and a comprehensive yet easy to animate auto-rig, along with some advanced rigging and animation tools for experts.



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